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BAA On-line Salon

Welcome to our Online Salon experiment! Here, BAA members can share their work and their thoughts about it .. what they're trying to convey, what's working, what may still feel unsettled ... whatever is on one's mind.  It doesn't matter if the work is still in progress, finished, old or new.  You can even solicit feedback by including your email address!  Works will display for a duration of two months.  One submission per member at a time please!

To submit your work, just send a quality image of your piece along with your name, title of the piece and your description/thoughts on the work (up to 200 words) to either Peter Keitel or Susan Trottier.  You're welcome to include a price and just let us know if you'd like us to include your email so that viewers can contact you.
Click on any of the images below to scroll through all of the submissions.

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