New - Art Challenge

Welcome to the Art Challenge.  We will supply a new original reference photo each month and you produce a new piece of art based upon it.  Your finished work will appear on this page.  We want you to have fun and challenge your skills.  Either copy the photo or change it in any way you wish according to your style and approach. Any size or medium.  No judging.

The January 2021 Challenge

Send digital images (jpegs) of your finished work to Peter Keitel at any time until the end of the month.  Peter will post your work on this page within a few days.

Suggestions to download the image:

On a PC, right click on the image, then click on "save image as--"

On a Mac, drag the image and drop in your desktop.

Member Submissions  - Click on an image to see the whole picture and then click on the arrows in the upper left corner for a full screen version.

At the December Holiday Meeting it is a BAA tradition to select one of our member artists to do the presentation.  The 2019 honoree was Jacqueline Smith.  Here's Jacqueline at work creating a lovely pastel landscape painting.  Jacqueline also described many of the items she uses in her painting.