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                                  Lynne Carol Kaiser
                      (518) 268-8598
In 1994, I purchased a little Winsor Newton watercolor set while creating logos for various neighborhoods I was developing in Tennessee.  I had not worked with watercolors before and just fell in love with the medium. Inspired by seascapes of Manet and Turner, I combined my passion for watercolor painting with my love of the sea, creating original marine works. In recent years I have adapted more diverse motifs. Drawing on art deco themes and mid-century stylings, my work is a colorful romp through early-mid 20th century design. I arrange still life scenes from my collection of vintage radios, toys, European pottery, and Asian ceramics. Lately, I find myself looking to Henri Matisse for a range of color that explodes off the paper. My studio is filled with treasures screaming to be painted, including my terrier mix, Frankie, who serves as my muse. What could possibly be more fun?
LYNNE PHOTO with Russian Ship.Ribbon.jpe
GALLERY - Click on an image to see the whole painting, then click in the upper left section of the screen for a full-screen version.  You can also scroll the larger images.
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