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                                    John Smolinsky
                                      (518) 439-7559

My medium is anything!  Twigs, vines, workshop scraps and found objects are everywhere.  It is a challenge to create sculpture from found objects: each has its own character, dimension and original purpose. Found objects and natural objects from the forest and trees combine to become whimsies that challenge the imagination and amuse the psyche. A natural burl becomes an exaggerated figure; a whimsical root becomes a tangle of extremities and a shoe last becomes a clownish foundation. I create art to amuse!
“Where we focus will determine what we see; how we use what we see depends on our creativity”
Smolinsky selfie.jpg
GALLERY - Click on an image to see the whole painting, then click in the upper left section of the screen for a full-screen version.  You can also scroll the larger images.
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