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                                   Lynda Spielman
                                                                 (718) 463-5679
I am primarily a watercolor painter and instructor.  The poetic and impressionistic nature of the medium along with the ability to work quickly attracted me to this artform as a hobby.  My art reflects the medium's many techniques including the use of rice paper, collages, and ink.  I find I am more inspired and have more fun in painting if I seek expressionism and impressionism, rather than realism.  Therefore, one finds my watercolor subjects are diverse, from traditional landscapes, to expressive florals and still lifes, and occasionally to abstracts.  I am now enjoying painting acrylics on paper, which are then mounted on wood panels.  Most of these are small florals, jugs, musicians, and horse races (more diversity).
GALLERY - Click on an image to see the whole painting, then click in the upper left section of the screen for a full-screen version.  You can also scroll the larger images.

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