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                  John R. Teevan III
I draw with pencil.  I love to travel and always bring my sketchbook with me when I travel around the world.  I find that I remember the amazing sites from my travels better if I sit down on the sidewalk and draw every detail of the architecture while there.  It's how I preserve the memory of the amazing sights I am surrounded by.  I don't just take a picture and leave.  Why? A camera is a machine.  It takes less than a second to push a button and then the detailed memories of your experience are forgotten.  But committing to memory every detail of the amazing, beautiful sights of Rio de Janeiro and Paris and Athens by drawing them live and in 3D makes me remember every detail of what I saw.  In addition to individual pieces that are for sale, I also published a collection of my favorite drawings and you can buy The Traveler's Sketchbook on Amazon.
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