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                     Amy Bergeron
                                      (518) 428-7074

My interest in art began young, and by high school, I was doing commissioned charcoal portraits for high school staff. I have experimented with a variety of materials, but I prefer to work in oil, sometimes thinning oil paint in the style of watercolor. I am drawn to the beauty of light and color and how they both interact with the subject matter. I began landscape painting because of my love for the Adirondacks and Monhegan Island Maine. Simultaneously, I paint flowers for their variances in color and how the light dances over their graceful and interesting forms.   I have a 2-year degree in fine Art from Sage college and in later years I attended Skidmore College for my Bachelor of Science degree.  
Bergeron pic.jpg
GALLERY - Click on an image to see the whole painting, then click in the upper left section of the screen for a full-screen version.  You can also scroll the larger images.
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