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Art Challenge

Welcome to the BAA Art Challenge.  Each quarter, we will supply a new original reference photo. Members can submit a piece of art that is based on it.  Of course, you can always go back and add a picture of yours to one of the previous challenges. Your finished work will appear on this page.  We want you to have fun and challenge your skills.  Use the reference photo as a starting point for your imagination.  Consider it a theme.  You can do anything ranging from copying the photo to creating an abstract picture somehow inspired by the Challenge photo. Photographers can submit a photo of theirs that fits the theme.  There are no rules and no judging involved here.  

The Spring 2024 Challenge

yoksel-zok-1fMnr9oXUYY-unsplash (1).png
Here's a photo that can be cropped or interpreted in many ways.  Have fun playing with it.

Suggestions to download the reference image:

On a PC, right click on the image, then click on "save image as--"
On a Mac, drag the image and drop in your desktop.
Send digital images (jpegs) of your finished work to Peter Keitel at any time. Peter will post your work on this page within a few days.

To see a short video on how to take good photographs of artwork click here:

When you save the photo of your work, please save it as a medium  or large file.  Small images will not show on the web in full screen size. Also please use your surname as the file name.

Photo by Yaksel Zok, Unsplash

Submissions for the Challenge will be posted here - Click on an image to see the whole picture and then click on the arrows in the upper left corner for a full screen version. You can also scroll through the gallery.

The Spring 2024 Challenge

The Winter 2023/24 Challenge

The Summer/Fall  2023 Challenge

The March/April  2023 Challenge

The January/February 2023 Challenge