Annual Critique Submissions
As usual, our April meeting is devoted to you!  Your submission will be critiqued in helpful ways by Theresa Somaio, art instructor and one of our former workshop leaders.  You can send artwork that is completed or in progress.
Submissions end no later that April12. 
Email submissions are to be sent to Sal Aiello                                       with the following information:
Subject:  Annual Critique
Message:  Artist name, Title of artwork, Medium, Size
Attachment:  jpeg of artwork
Specifications for the file:
     Crop to show only the artwork and not the frame.
     Save your name as the file name, ex. "VanGogh,jpeg" Or you can also save with your name and 
     title, ex: VanGoch_Irises,jpeg"
     Save as a medium or large file.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Peter Keitel at